Who we are

We have an impressive track record, but we realise the need to stay ahead of property trends – London property is constantly evolving, but demand remains.

Our business model and trading history speak for themselves. Still, we are continually updating our skills and knowledge to deliver the best possible experience for our investors. We recognise the need for forward-thinking to stay at the forefront of London property investments.

What we do

Eastbank source, let, manage, project manage and sell undervalued properties in areas of regeneration that we know will increase exponentially in capital value.

We also know that they will deliver lucrative rental income. Profit is the ultimate goal, but there’s something immensely satisfying about breathing new life into buildings that have seen better days. As intuitive, savvy developers, we transform run-down properties into magnificent and marketable dwellings and welcome potential new investment partners.

How have we performed?

We have traded and invested with significant and measurable success and have completed over one thousand five hundred transactions.

Invest with us in mortgage backed London real estate