We’ve also worked in some of the most desirable London postcodes to acquire and develop flats and houses for residential sale or lettings.

We have a exceptional reputation for turning unmodernised properties into beautiful homes.

Having a vision for exactly how a property should be modified and improved to add value is second nature to us.

We appreciate the balance and detail required to modernize a property whilst maximizing space and adding value. Furthermore, our designers understand and share our vision to give the property a contemporary appeal whilst retaining the soul and character a home deserves.

Eastbank has a professional and well-oiled design and build process that stretches end-to-end from planning to interior design. Once we have acquired a property, our team brings the vision to life – adapting or designing the homes in a modern and appealing way for potential buyers or renters.

Although every property is unique, our objective is to design and expose the full potential of each home.

It is not uncommon for us to construct a ground floor extension or loft conversion, maximizing the available space and adding value in the process.

It is essential to our investors that we are committed and decisive about planning and project-managing this phase of the process. We keep things simple and avoid complex and unnecessary construction details.

Invest with us in mortgage backed London real estate