Wolsey Mews Walthamstow by Eastbank

Eastbank, a distinguished name in property investment and development, is thrilled to announce the approval and commencement of its visionary project that will transform an 18 x 36m backlands plot off Wolsey Avenue, Walthamstow, into a remarkable mews-style development.

This exciting initiative, approved by the Waltham Forest Council last year, is set to introduce four elegantly designed mews houses, showcasing a harmonious blend of modern aesthetics and sustainable living. The project will replace 17 garages with a contemporary residential development designed by the renowned Metashape Architects.

“We are excited to bring our vision for this development to life,” said Jason Arden, CEO at Eastbank. “This project is a testament to our dedication to creating not just homes, but vibrant living spaces that align with modern lifestyles and environmental consciousness. The support and approval from the Waltham Forest Council underscore the shared commitment to progress and sustainable urban development.”

Eastbank’s determination to enhance local communities and deliver exceptional living spaces is reflected in this ambitious development. Set against the vibrant backdrop of Walthamstow, these homes will not only add architectural value but will also contribute to the neighbourhood’s character and charm.

The development is characterised by its innovative approach to design and sustainability. Two semi-detached blocks, meticulously arranged, will form the foundation of this project. Clad in pristine white brick, the houses will exude a contemporary elegance that seamlessly integrates with the surrounding environment. The sedum roofs, a hallmark of Eastbank’s focus on green living, will not only enhance the visual appeal of the development but also provide an eco-friendly solution to rainwater management and energy efficiency.

Eastbank’s project exemplifies the company’s long-standing values of innovation, quality, and community engagement. Jason Arden added: “By collaborating closely with local authorities and stakeholders, Eastbank aims to ensure that this development becomes an asset that Walthamstow can be proud of, contributing to the area’s evolution while maintaining its unique identity.

As construction begins, Eastbank invites residents and investors alike to follow the progress of this exciting venture. CGI credit: RVIS