A phrase that’s banded around a lot these days is ‘kerb appeal’. It’s a term used to describe the appearance, or rather the attractiveness of your home as seen from the street. It’s the first impression a potential buyer will have of your property but, even if you’re not selling, it’s still a good idea to create the right impact. A tidy garden, pretty, hanging baskets, wall lights and a smart front door – they all create ambience. Passers-by notice these things!

From an investment point of view, it’s vital to maintain property to a high standard. If gardens, driveways, doors or windows are in poor condition, it’s not just the aesthetics that suffer. The value of the house will start to decline, affecting both the rental potential and its future saleability. Here at Eastbank, we pride ourselves on the appearance of our properties. Proper maintenance is a priority. We spend a lot of time, effort and money in the refurbishment of our houses. It would be foolish not to keep them in pristine condition, which we do.

So, whether you’re thinking of letting your property or putting it on the market, here are some top tips on how to help improve its kerb appeal.

Knock Knock

Your front door is the first thing people see when they come to your house. Sure, it’s serving a purpose, but it should also be welcoming and visually pleasing. Nobody likes scruffy-looking paint-work, broken bells or knockers. Whether you’re selling up or staying put, make sure your door is in tip-top condition. Give it a fresh coat of paint – or perhaps even change the colour. If you decide to embrace the colour palette, try to pick something which also complements the rest of the house. A shocking pink door might seem like a bit of fun, but, it’s more likely to be an eye-sore.

If you’re more conservative in your colour choices, you could go for timeless greys or creams, classic bottle green, or even a glossy back. Try to be mindful about the age of your property though.  If your doorbell, handle or knocker has seen better days, it would be a good idea to update these for an instant, fresh look. Again, choose accessories that are in keeping with the rest of the house. For example, antique brass will look fabulous on a period property but may seem out of place on a trendy new build.

Up the Garden Path

Ok, no-one is expecting the yellow-brick road in front of anyone’s house but, again, first impressions count. You could have the most stunning home but, if the path or driveway is a mess, it will take the shine off the rest of the place.

If you have gravel or stone chips on your path, make sure you smooth them over regularly to keep them evenly distributed. If budget allows, you could top them up with another bag or two.

Grubby paving stones or dirty Monobloc can quickly be brought back to life with a bit of effort. Use a pressure washer on any concrete areas and get rid of built-up grime. Weeds are another no-no.

Keep it Tidy

Nobody likes seeing unkempt gardens or overgrown hedges. Regularly cutting the grass will keep the area looking tidy and well-kept. If you have lots of shrubbery or a front lawn, these must be kept in good order. It doesn’t take long to do but if you’re seriously not the green-fingered type, pay a local gardener/handyman to come and do it for you. It will make such a difference. Sweep up leaves or any debris and don’t forget to clear away any junk or clutter that’s lying around.

Waste Matters

These days it seems we have a different waste bin for just about everything so if your bins are on show at the front or side of your house, invest in a storage unit to keep them hidden from view. If bin stores aren’t an option, perhaps get a lovely wheelie bin sticker or panel. The Wheelie Bin Cover Company have some attractive floral designs that can blend in with your garden.

For many properties, especially terraced houses, there’s usually no option but to have your bins lined up at the front.  At the very least, try to keep them in a neat and tidy row. There’s nothing worse than seeing bins scattered around in disarray.

Flower Power

Never underestimate the impact a splash of colour or some eye-catching plants will have on your property exterior.

Once you’ve got the rest of the area ship-shape and clutter-free, get some hanging baskets or ground pots for the path and steps. Buy two if you can –  symmetry works and, matching pairs will give the entrance a finished and stylish look.

From new doorbells to bin covers, you can spruce up the outside of your house in no time and who knows, you might like it that much, you won’t want to move anywhere else. Sometimes when we make improvements to our homes, we fall in love with them again.

What have you done to the outside of your house to give it more kerb appeal? Come on over to our Facebook page and share your ideas and suggestion with everyone.