Eastbank is actively seeking new financial investors to the business. This week, we talk to CEO Jason Arden about the company’s impressive performance and why they are an attractive prospect for professional institutions and high net-worth individuals looking to grow their wealth with property investments.

How has Eastbank been performing?

The company has consistently delivered above-average ROI. Over the years, we have completed over 1000 transactions, and our track record shows evident and measurable success.

We actively manage an impressive rental portfolio which we’ve financed from investor capital. We have traded and invested with skill and precision, and, our investment partners have been rewarded with significant returns. In short, we are one of the most dynamic and successful property developers in London.

When I brokered my first investment, I knew it was going to be successful. However, I didn’t imagine that my business and my career would grow into the flourishing and profitable venture it has become today.

I am at a stage where my company’s worth is substantial enough for me to sit back and take things easy. Do I want to do that? Not at all.

We can do more, and we are ready to do more. We’re a vibrant and expanding business and, I want to take the company to an even greater height.

A new Eastbank development

What level of return can an investor expect?

Eastbank’s track record has shown average trading returns of 15% per annum and investment returns of 10% per annum paid to the investor. We expect a minimum investment term of five years, but after two years, the investor can give a 12 month notice period.

How do you do it?

The answer is simple. We are experts at sourcing, letting, managing, project managing and selling undervalued properties in areas of regeneration. We know exactly where the next up and coming neighbourhoods are, and the properties within them. Properties that have the potential to increase exponentially in capital value as well as delivering lucrative rental income. Our knowledge is second to none in these areas of property investment, and we know how to realise their full value. This expertise continues to attract investors to work with us. Moreover, they trust us.

Eastbank property investment

Do you only collaborate with HNWIs, or do you work with anyone with money to invest?

We collaborate with a variety of private investors, and right now, we have the capacity to expand further. We are currently welcoming new clients who wish to securely and confidently invest from £5m – £150m.

We have a full property investment fund brochure available on request, and potential new investors can talk confidentially to our company’s specialist Investment Manager, Daniel Shafron dshafron@eastbank.co.uk

To find out more about Eastbank and our performance get in touch today or look around our website to get a flavour of what we do so well.