This week, we spent some time chatting with Daniel Shafron, our Investment Manager.

Daniel shares his insight on why investing in property is a good idea and why Eastbank is the perfect company to help investors get the most from their money.

Tell us a bit more about what Eastbank provides.

We invest in good quality residential properties in London, particularly in East and South East London. For 25 years, Eastbank has actively managed property portfolios, both on behalf of investors, as well as their own capital, producing excellent returns year on year.

Jason Arden East Bank Property Investor

Interest rates are at an all-time low right now. Should people with money to save be better off investing in bricks and mortar?

Keeping money in a bank producing minimal returns is not appealing to anyone. Property has always been a desirable sector for investors. Like all investments, there’s still an element of risk involved. However, Eastbank’s expertise, long-term vision and knowledge allows us to identify the best opportunities to maximise profit and returns, especially in a volatile market.

What makes Eastbank a good company to invest with? 

We are incredibly knowledgeable and, our impressive track record speaks for itself. Transparency is key to everything we do but, we also operate in a manageable region.

Eastbank is very experienced in increasing yields as well as identifying well-priced investment opportunities. Our investment knowledge, expertise, and first-class management make us a leading organisation.  We service our clients, investors and, of course, our tenants at the highest level.

Is there a USP for investors, renters or buyers interested in Eastbank properties? Or is the company so popular because you genuinely look after everyone so well?

We treat every investment as if it were the only one on the table. Everyone gets the same level of service and attention. Whether it’s a small one-bedroom flat, a large block of apartments or anything in between, each project is given equal importance. In answer to your question, though, yes, I believe our high standards and the respectful, mindful way we look after our collaborators have added to our success.

Jason Arden

Do you think London property is a more lucrative investment than other UK cities?

London is considered a micro-market within the UK property arena. There has always been a far greater demand for London-based property. That said, commuter towns are quickly becoming more popular. Invariably, properties outside central London are cheaper, allowing for higher yields to be achieved. However, capital appreciation is far slower in comparison to London.

There are many different pockets in London and, our expertise allows us to identify the best locations to invest in. Especially ones that will deliver maximum return.

Eastbank is renowned for its top-quality rental properties. Will the stamp duty freeze encourage more people to buy property, or, will we continue to see a rise in people renting?

The stamp duty freeze will inevitably entice more people to buy if they can. Buyers can save themselves thousands of pounds. However, sellers may also take advantage of the freeze and demand more money for their property.

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