Eastbank's managing Director - Michelle Goldstein

You’ve been with Eastbank a very long time… What’s the draw for you?

I have been working for Eastbank since 1997. When I started, there was just Jason and I above the sausage shop – 220 Hoe Street. We started our first development then which gave me the drive and passion for property.

We owned 60 properties and now own somewhere in the region of 250 plus – the growth has been phenomenal. Both Tony and Jason have become part of my family and the drive to make Eastbank work for all of us including every single person that works with us is what keeps me going as this job is tireless.   

The people that start working in our relatively small team just stay and we support each other through good and bad times.

Every time we finish a development project, the pride I get in being part of the team that produces such great homes for people is immense.

Eastbank projects

You are now the MD of the company. Tell us about a typical day…

Actually – I can’t tell you about a typical day and that is what is the best thing here. Absolutely every day is different, I still learn something every single day and it is what keeps me going. As well as learning I meet new people almost every day.

How has your role evolved?

Oh my – my role has gone from being a part time administrator to running Eastbank alongside Jason on a daily basis. I have become an expert in managing properties and dealing with HMOs (houses in multiple occupation). I have learnt how to help tenants and do our best for them while maintaining a professional line. I have learnt how to take a piece of land and follow it to becoming a new build house – I know all about planning and dealing with the council – prior to working here I didn’t even know where to begin. My background is in conveyancing, so I was always aware of the legal side of things but my knowledge across the property sector has grown 100-fold.

Has the pandemic changed how you do things?

The pandemic has changed how we deal with people, and it has made me realise the need for outside space for our tenants and also when we sell. I say this in regard to the fact that prior to the pandemic no one had time to do anything – now I believe we take the time to listen a little bit more. It has also changed the way we work in that working virtually is very doable – however, there is nothing like going to a site and seeing it first hand – it’s what drives me.

Recent analysis has shown an impressive trading history for Eastbank. Why is London property still such a big draw for investors?

I believe the hustle and bustle of London is key. The way we socialise here is something that I believe attracts young people as well as the vibe you get when you work in the City and the West End.  People are still challenging each other on the job front here which is something that gives people the incentive to take the leap.

What would be your dream project?

I can’t say what my dream project would be as I just love creating.  I can tell you that my dream house would be pure glass in the back of my house backing onto a well-established garden and having the sun shine through every morning while I am reading a good book. Perfect harmony!